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About KinderMate

Dive into the interactive world of learning and discovery with Milo Frog, a GPT-powered child-friendly AI. Engage in enriching conversations, fostering cognitive, linguistic, and social-emotional development.

Why KinderMate?

🌟 Interactive Frog Experience
Dive deep into conversations with Milo Frog. Whether it's about space, dinosaurs, or fairy tales, Milo is here to engage, educate, and entertain.

🧠 Smart & Safe

KinderMate recognizes children's behavioral patterns, offering a personalized experience and delivering contextualized content.

🚫 Always 100% Ad-Free 

We prioritize your child's uninterrupted experience.

🛡 COPPA Compliant
Your child's safety is our top priority.

For the Little Explorers

✨ Magical Learning Experience
The classroom is a magical island with lessons scattered around

🐸 Supersmart AI
Ask anything to Milo Frog and he will answer

📚 Explore the Big Library
So much to learn on reading, thinking, math and more 

🎥 Watch videos too

After a session with Milo, your child can explore our curated collection of videos that promote positive behavior and family values.

💾 Favorites Feature 
Kids can easily save their favorite videos for later viewing.

Why Parents Love Us

"KinderMate has been a game-changer for our family. My son loves chatting with Frog and has learned so much!"

Jessica D.

"We appreciate the safety features and the curated video content. It's an app we trust."

Liam P.

Have been looking for something like this for a while and finally its here. My kids already love 'frog'. App does a lot more than what actually it says it does. Would strongly recommend parents who want to limit screen time for their kids with good material.

A User

Really helpful and perfect app for kids. Has enough control for parents and no ads.

Manwarul A.

Download KinderMate

Download now to trial KinderMate FREE for 1 week, and with full unrestricted access to everything, including all search tools and frequently updated curated content. If, after 1 week you aren't 100% THRILLED with the benefits of KinderMate, you can simply uninstall or dismiss the option to subscribe for the service. Or, if you find the app as valuable as we have, and you wish to continue enjoying the benefits of KinderMate, then we encourage you to subscribe at the low investment of $7.99/month (or the further discounted rate of $51.99/year). 

A child-friendly AI for kids learning!

A Word on Security and Privacy

We take your and your children’s privacy seriously. The information we collect is used only to improve your and your child’s experience on this app. We make it secure without being complicated by using two-factor authentication with email and password when someone tries to access your account. Children cannot use the app without verified parental consent. We do not share your information, collect personal information from children that can be used to contact or identify them, collect geo-location information, or advertise to children.

Parental Peace of Mind

🛠 Parental Controls
Set screen time, content preferences, and ensure a safe digital environment for your child.

📜 Activity Log
Stay informed about your child's interactions and discoveries.

Special Offer

🎁 Try for Free
Experience KinderMate FREE for 1 week. Dive into the world of AI and curated content with unlimited profiles and full access.

💎 Monthly or Yearly Subscription
Continue the magic for just $7.99/month or opt for our yearly deal at $51.99 and save more.

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